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I created RAW because I saw a great need for connection among women. As a woman I have struggled greatly, battling years of anxiety and depression, self injury and a deadly eating disorder. Every day was an internal battle. I could not live up to the standards of society. In my mind, I was a failure. Time and time again I was unable to live up to the standards that society holds for a woman. My body did not meet the requirements. I lacked voluptuous breasts, and I certainly didn't have a butt. My hair was frizzy and unruly with even the most expensive hair products. I hated the smell of nail polish. Make up gave me awful acne. I could not keep a 9 to 5 job, no matter how hard I tried. I did not speak softly and I was unable to give up my passions in order to fully invest myself in money, status, and moving up the corporate ladder. I bent and molded myself, trying to squeeze into this box of perfection. Trying to be that Perfect Woman. The one society said I was supposed to be. I just wanted to be normal, to fit in. But I didn't fit in that box. I was not eloquent and well put together, strong and well suited for the business world. I was 6 foot tall and looked like an amazon in high heels. Certainly not petite, dainty, or eloquent. I was inadequate.... Never   Good    Enough.  Flawed.

One day, many years ago I made the decision to take my life. It was easy, becasue in my mind, my life was not of any value. I overdosed late at night.... alone. In the darkness. I took hand fulls of pills as I walked down the street amongst hundreds of people. In that moment I felt small, disconnected, insignificant and completely and utterly alone. Nobody saw me. I didn't matter. Life wasn't worth living. A couple miles and a fatal amount of pills later I lost conciousnes. But Im told that some sane part of me picked up the phone and called a friend. A connection. And that friend knew me well enough to hear the pain in my voice.

She saw my value. She cared. And because of her I eventually woke up in the hospital.

She and I went on to form the most incredible friendship. We gave each other the greatest gift anyone could give, unconditional love and acceptance. She was more than a shoulder to cry on, she was a cheerleader when I needed one. She pulled me out of every hole I fell in. She was my candlelight in the darkness. She lit my path. She strayed me away from things that didn't serve me and encouraged me when I felt unworthy and alone. She took off my blindfold.

Together her and I cycled back and forth between feelings of deep pain, unworthiness, and hopelessness to feelings of complete bliss, unconditional love and certainty. We became very aware of what it meant to be in these bodies. To be human. To be a creature made up of sensation and emotion.

She and I grew together. We formed a relationship on the idea that we were worthy, and we would, without a doubt, one day do something BIG. We spent endless hours dissecting life. Exploring all of the things people don't talk about. We got together regularly and poured questions into the universe, writing them, painting them on our bodies, screaming them. And from that ritual something sacred and invaluable arose... Answers. Truth. The feeling of knowing, and being SURE.

We took off each others masks. We gave up our costumes together. We practiced being Real together. We moved from making decisions based on society's ideal and instead we made them from a place deep inside of us. We discovered our value.

 We transformed and evolved in the most incredible way. We went from being two lonely women filled with lack and desire to two completely fulfilled women brimming with love and gratitude.

There is a great need for connections like ours. 

And more than anything I want to give YOU this gift. 

Are you ready for a RAWvolution?