The R.A.W Sisterhood Circle

Creating deep connection through unconditional love and support. 

         The Raw Circle is an intimate group of committed women who come together in a confidential circle to care for and support one another.  The Circle is open to all woman, those facing struggle and hardship, as well as those just needing support to stay on their individual spiritual path. The circle is open to those recovering from addiction, mental illness, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, you name it, the Circle can hold it. Within the Circle we address purposelessness, hopelessness, and the feeling of being lonely amongst a room filled with people. We might paint, we might have deep philosophical conversation, we might dance, we might pour our hearts out to each other, and if left alone too long we might just become the best of friends.

In The Circle we share our struggles, insights and aspirations. 
We share our collective wisdom, our services, our strengths, and maybe even our closets.  

Through intimate connection, women in the circle become fearless, driven,
 and more powerful than they ever dreamed possible. 

The Circle is R.A.W, uncensored, and deep. 

Unlike any support group. Unlike any therapy session. Unlike any 12 step meeting. 
The Circle creates intimate friendship and unconditional support. 

Stop being alone in a room full of people.

Join The R.A.W. Circle today!

The next Circle will be Friday evenings 6-7:30pm
 Beginning October 19th, 2012
At The Louden Nelson Community Center
301 Center Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Due to the intimate setting each circle has a limited number of spaces. 
There is 1 full scholarship and 1 half scholarship available for women in need.