R.A.W. Yoga

A 6 week candlelight yoga series just for women. 

Honoring the divine in herself and her relationships.

This intimate and personalized candlelight series is accessible to beginning students with plenty of modifications and challenges for advanced practitioners; allowing any student to develop or enhance their present yoga practice. We will workshop challenging poses and build upon them as the class progresses.  Each week we will discuss the most valuable and life changing philosophies of yoga.

This Candlelight series will fully submerge students in a complete yoga practice:

  •          Philosophy will be well rooted in self study and is meant to take students on a transformational journey from struggle to ease. 
  •           Asana will focus on appropriate alignment of each pose as well as appropriate modifications for individual body types, injuries, ailments, menstruation or pregnancy.
  •         Each class will begin with a short meditation and a pranayama technique.
  •     And of course, during each class there will be time for students to share and process any insight or experiences that they may have had, because we're in this together!

The next R.A.W. Yoga series begins October 16th
Mondays and Thursdays 1:45 to 3:15
at Divinitree Yoga and Arts

Due to the intimate setting this series has a very limited number of spaces. 
There is 1 full scholarship and 1 half scholarship available for women in need.